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It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all it is effective. Cleaning your air conditioner will take you little time and effort, and produce significant results! All you have to do is roll your sleeves up and get to work. This blog will show you why your air conditioner should be clean, and help you turn that notion into a reality.

A clean air conditioner functions at a higher level than a dirty one, so it seems like common sense that your AC should always be clean. Unfortunately, the AC unit in your backyard often goes neglected and as a result your in-home comfort can suffer. A clean AC will boost your HVAC’s efficiency by up to 30%, and that will be evident when you get your monthly energy bill.

Combine the benefits of a clean air conditioner with the fact that you can do it yourself without spending any money, and there’s no denying what you should do!

Step One

The first thing you must do, above all else, is turn off your AC. We can’t stress this enough. You don’t want the unit starting while you’re working, so you have to go directly to its power source at the breaker box. Flip the switch on your power box, or just unplug the unit entirely; either way, just make sure you shut off your AC. Now you can get started.


Step Two

If your HVAC does not have trees or bushes surrounding it, then you may not need to open it up and remove the debris, but it’s important that you check. You can easily use a screwdriver to open the grate over the fins and remove anything inside your unit.

Leaves and twigs inside your air conditioner can cause damage and create inefficiency. You can eliminate those problems by removing the sources: leaves, twigs, and other debris.


Step Three

Get a hose. You can easily wash away all the dirt and debris caked on your filter fins with a hose. Also, make sure you utilize a brush get rid of the stuff that is hard to remove. It’s important that when you wash your AC, the water flows from the inside to the outside. It will make sure that you are actually cleaning your AC, instead of placing the dirt and dust particles back in the cycle.


Step Four

Find kinks or bends in the fins and straighten them out. But be gentle! It’s important you don’t break the fins while you’re straightening them. Use a thin object, like a butter knife or a paint scraper; even a heavy-duty wire brush will do, and slide the object between the fins to straighten them. Don’t bend too hard or overcorrect and create another kink, just slide the tool you use up and down until the kinks have straightened. Straight fins help the AC breathe and are harder to clog with dust and dirt.


Step Five

Overgrown grass or weeds can be a real problem for AC units trying to keep you cool so clean the area around your AC. Remove weeds, long grass, overgrown bushes, and fallen branches and consider creating a barrier around the AC, like a small fence to protect it from further problems down the road. These are the things that lead to pollen and dirt being a problem for your AC later on, so make sure your AC is clear of any hindrances.


Step Six

Go into your home and change your filters. You can save 15% of your energy by replacing an old, dirty filter with a newer, clean one. The act of changing your filter will complement the work you’ve done outside by catching any remaining dust particles circulating from your AC to your ducts. This act finalizes the DIY session with your outdoor unit, but it doesn’t sum up everything else you can do. There’s still so much you can do to improve your AC’s efficiency and indoor air quality, but that’s a blog for next time.


Let TemperaturePro Help You Optimize Your AC

Summer’s not over yet, and it’s important you make sure you continue to make your HVAC as efficient as possible. Conducting a little DIY on your own will boost your AC’s efficiency and provide cleaner air inside your home. Add in the fact you don’t have to spend a dime to do it and you’ll save money on energy, and the idea of DIY gets better and better.

You need clean air in your home, and you need an efficient air conditioner in your backyard. Get both today and take hold of your in home comfort with these tips to clean your AC and improve your life! If you have any questions regarding your HVAC, or would like to speak to an HVAC expert contact us today!

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