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Summer is synonymous with heat and high energy bills. The three naturally go together; the hotter it is outside the more you use your AC, the more you use your AC the higher your energy bill is. Regardless of what season it is, we do our best throughout the year to help our neighbors get the most for their money and the most out of their HVAC. With that in mind and with the official start of summer right around the corner, we decided to dedicate this blog to the keys of staying energy efficient during this spring and the coming summer.

Despite the spring and summer heat waves, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds; comfortable living and affordable costs. After reading this blog you’ll be on your way to achieving both of those!


DIY Maintenance

A little time and effort put into maintaining your own HVAC will be well worth the benefits you can gain. Spending an hour on cleaning your outdoor unit with a hose and a brush will clean off any pollen, clear any debris and help your machine breathe and function at a higher level.

The same goes for your indoor unit. Checking filters, wiping away dust and keeping a clean indoor unit will go a long way to maximizing its potential. The best part is that it’s a low effort task that takes little to no time at all to improve your HVAC’s capacity.


Thermostat Efficiency

Shutting off your AC while you’re gone during the day only makes it burn more fuel when you turn it on later. Minor fluctuation in temperature is the best way to keep your AC efficient while you’re in and out of the house. The best way to do that is to invest in a programmable thermostat; set it once and forget the rest. Gone are the days of walking into a hot house or getting up to lower the temperature. A programmable thermostat will save you money and become a major convenience in your life.


Fans & Appliances

Heat rises, help it rise out of your home by utilizing some fans. Though fans do not actually cool a room, they can create the illusion of cooler temperature. Fans provide a wide range of benefits and can also help expedite the process of cycling the hot air to the outside.

As you increase the use of your fans, you should decrease the use of any heat producing appliances. Stoves, ovens, dryers and the like can turn a hot home into a sauna. Utilizing fans and limiting appliances can lighten the load that your AC must carry. Combine these two together and you’ll get a significant increase in your air conditioner’s effectiveness and efficiency.


Call the Professionals

Nothing helps your AC function properly like a professional HVAC expert. Whether it’s just a tune-up or a minor repair, having HVAC experts work out any kinks in your unit will do wonders. Your HVAC will run smoother, burn less fuel, and cool at a higher rate of efficiency.

The best part is there are so many things an HVAC professional can do for you that will help your HVAC work efficiently:

–          Maintenance

–          Tune-up

–          Seal Air Leaks

–          Clean Ductwork

All these tasks benefit your HVAC by enhancing its ability to keep you comfortable. The benefits you’ll reap from professional service are going to be heightened with springtime pollen clouds present and summer heat waves imminent. Simply put, the value of professional maintenance cannot be overstated.


Replace Your AC

This is obviously the last resort. When your AC is too old to function properly and your maintenance and repair payments are worth as much as the actual cost of the unit, it is time to purchase a new one. Purchasing a brand new air conditioner is a better option than maintaining an outdated one, and if you follow the keys we’ve already laid out before your new AC will thrive!

Now more than ever, it is time to make sure your air conditioner is up to date. With record highs seemingly a yearly occurrence having anything less than a quality air conditioner is unacceptable.


Trust TemperaturePro To Keep You Cool

It’s not enough for us to just provide a service to customers when they need it, we want to help customers improve their daily lives in any way we can. For us, that means making your HVAC experience a happy one, and during the summer, it means keeping you cool at minimal costs. At TemperaturePro, we are always open to providing tricks of the trade and other valuable information to the people of our community.

So, if you have any more questions about how you can stay cool or would like us to have a look at your air conditioner contact us today!

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